Heavens is home to the Heavens Pedigree Engine, a special application that provides access to the Pedigree Engine Welsh Springer Spaniel Database.


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The name entered for searching may be either a full name or a partial name (three characters or more).  Entering heaven, for example, will list both Lynlee's Heavenly Mercy and Heavens Hope Of Glory (among other dogs).  Case is not significant.  See the Match Hints page for more details on matching.  See the Pedigree Engine Help page for general information on operating the engine.


Displaying the list by Pedigree will list all dogs that match the entered name as offspring with their parents (if known).  Displaying the list by Progeny will list all dogs that match the entered name as parents with their offspring (if any).  If a dog name is in the database, Pedigree will always display it, but Progeny will display it only if the dog has offspring in the database.


Once an initial list has been displayed, blood lines may be navigated, either up or down, by clicking on navigation symbols next to individual dog names.  With each successive move, either a full Pedigree Tree or Progeny Report is displayed.


When known, the sex of a dog is displayed as either M for Male or F for Female.  For the Pedigree Engine, the term dog is used in the general sense and refers to both dogs and bitches.